Practical Tips For Overcoming Shyness

Practical tips for overcoming shyness

Do you wanna be more confident and overcome your shyness through practical exercises, you’ve found the right blog for you!

Did you know that some of your favorite actors were once shy people.

Robert De Niro for example was a book worm that preferred to stay at home rather than going out and play with the other kids, Julia Roberts said that she had to overcome her fear of public speaking at some point of her life and many other big actors like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Kim Basinger, Alec Guinness, Henry Fonda.

All of them were once shy people that have overcome that wall to become people that stands on the red carpet to amaze us with their confidence.

Shyness is your inner football coach

Shy persons are always motivated to be the best. They have a constant fear of failure that makes them strive for perfection. A Basketball player practice his shots 16 hours a day to not make mistakes in front of a lot of people, shy people wants to be cherished in public. A bit of anxiety can drive us a bit forward in life.

fear is your inner coach
Fear is your inner coach

The Problem is when we have so much Shyness that it prevents us from living life to the fullest and most importantly it becomes a much bigger problem when someone can’t defend his rights because he is shy.

Whether it’s shyness because of your milieu that you’ve grown up in or the influence from your family that made you shy, it’s not irreversible and it’s not something that you will live with all of your life. Shyness can be fixed through practice and professional help. I have created found some great tips that you can practice with to unblock yourself from being a shy person.

Tips to overcome shyness

Let’s start with practicing small-talk, shy people often try to say what is important for them and nothing more but small-talk is also a form of communication that has it’s benefits.

kids having small talk
Kids having small talk
  • Try to make a longer discussion with someone that you usually only exchange a couple of words with him, only for therapeutic goals, try to make the discussion much more deep and intensive.
  • Try to say what comes into your mind. It doesn’t have to be intelligent or amusing, just say what interests you.
  • Engage with your discussion partner more profoundly with your attention, with an interested face expression and with words like “I see” or “i understand”.
  • The one that controls the discussion is actually the one that gives it attention and listen carefully and not the one that talks.
  • If the discussion is not going great, it’s not necessarily your fault.
  • Your discussion partner could also be suffering from shyness so try to bring him more confident and encourage him to express himself.
  • The trick to fascinate your discussion partner is to make him feel what you are feeling through words.

Another situations to practice overcoming shyness are the situations were people are being rude or antisocial. The goal here is to speak up and call them out of their behavior.

call out bad behavior
Call out bad behavior
  • When someone parks their car on the footpath, let them know that it’s unacceptable.
  • Call out a smoker that is smoking his cigarette in a non-smoking area.
  • Complain about a bier glass that is not filled properly to the fullest.
  • Explain to a taxi driver the rules of driving when he is driving carelessly.

Shy people gives tips to the waiters or delivery persons even when the service is unacceptable. well enough with that!

make the waiter works
Discuss with the waiter what your wishes are
  • Only Give tips when the service is all right for you, other than that give only the price of the order and nothing more.
  • Pay the waiter with a 50 dollar bill instead of the exact sum so that he goes back to bring back the change.
  • When he comes back and you don’t find the service acceptable let him know that he will get no tips because in order for him to get it he needs to be more friendly towards customers. When he starts complaining about your comment give him your coldest poker face so that when he finishes talking, tell him to maybe find a job outside the public service domain?
  • If you are one the those people that find the darkest place to hide in away from every one when you arrive to an event, change that. When you arrive try to walk in the middle of the people shoulders up, breast out and looking with a high head from the horizon to down. When you pick a seat, choose the best one in the middle of the event.
  • When you arrive to a social event find the person that you want to talk most of the time and go sit near him. You don’t wanna stay standing in the back talking with her grandma.
  • When you are at a restaurant with a group of people waiting for another person to arrive and the food is in front of you, don’t wait any longer but rather say that this food is too good to make it go cold and start eating.
  • Discuss with the waiter what your wishes are. Ask him about the food and hot is it in compare to Mexico and not to Germany, change your mind about the food that you want saying that you maybe wants a pizza margarita to only bring him back to you to change your wish.
  • Go to a luxury car place and try to discuss your wishes for a Ferrari that you want and what are it’s details even if you can only afford a classic Clio.
  • Go to a shoes place and try a handful different kinds of shoes without buying one.
  • When you are being asked for a ticket in the train, take your time to look for your ticket in all the possible places and only when you are going to be fined take it out.

Also in places like work, it’s important to have a clear strategy how to handle situations that makes you uncomfortable

be your enemy best friend
Be your enemy best friend
  • Try to find a win win strategy when you are in a conflict situation so that when possible all conflict partners comes out with a triumph.
  • Divide and conquer, don’t fight your fights alone but rather make allies that together you can have a bigger voice with.
  • Love your enemies, say great things about them in front of them, be friendly with them like they are your best friend and give them a big ol’ hug when they are with you and make them feel like you are their best friend.
  • Lastly if you feel uncomfortable doing something don’t say i’ll think about but rather answer instantly with <<NO!>>